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Smart-Drive Technology Improves Motor Performance

Agave's Smart-Drive technology optimizes motor performance in real time under varying speed and loading conditions.
Benefits include improved energy efficiency and extended battery life, as well as reduced motor noise and vibration.

Closed Loop Control

Let our selection of closed loop servo controllers improve the performance of your motor application. The error amplifier required for accurate speed control is featured on all of the AVG8000 series closed loop pre-drivers.

AGV8009 Closed Loop Pre-Driver

The AGV8009 provides all the features required for 3 or 4 wire fan control. Closed loop feedback allows for precise control of the motor's RPM under varying supply and load conditions. Soft start reduces inrush current at power on. Current limit, locked rotor and thermal protections are also provided. The 40V MOS output pre-drivers can source or sink 100mA.